REYOUNG's quality guidelines: unite the enterprise and build a first-class team. Make all of our effort to manufacture high-quality products that exceed customer requirements, enhance customers products value, provide customers with one-stop packaging services through personalized customization services, and contribute to the world's plastic packaging container culture.

In addition, following the goal of protecting the earth's environment and resources and achieving sustainable development, REYOUNG Packaging is committed to reducing the pollution and environmental impact of packaging products, innovating packaging, and developing containers such as plastic tubes, jars and bottles made of environmentally friendly materials.


Eco-friendly & Biodegradable Materials

【PLA, PMu, Sugarcane, Bamboo,Tea Fiber,Coffee Ground】

【PLA+Sugarcane 】Reduce the use of petroleum resources by using sugar cane and corn starch instead of petroleum-based materials. PLA is a very environmentally friendly biodegradable material. We can manufacture daily items from this PLA material through a mold injection process. Once in composting conditions, the PLA products will be composted and returned to its natural environment.

【PLA+Bamboo,Tea Fiber,Coffee Ground】We developed a combination of PLA with bamboo fiber, tea fiber and coffee grounds, which is also biodegradable, which can reduce the use of petroleum raw materials, and effectively utilize the waste of tea, bamboo and coffee grounds to make plastic injection containers.

【PMu】PMU is one of our new biodegradable materials, the main component is calcium carbonate (CaCO), in line with ASTM D551l standard test method, equivalent to lSO l5985:2014, 90% of polypropylene components need 695 days to achieve conversion in the natural environment In the form of carbon dioxide, methane, water and biomass, not compost.

【PCR(rPET)& Ocean Bound Plastic】

【PCR(rPET) Plastic】REYOUNG has developed a variety of containers that can recycle plastic materials, such as tubes and bottles made of PCR and rPET, and then make new containers by recycling the consumed containers, reducing environmental pollution. By including as much recycled content as possible in every product, our tubes and bottles provide some huge environmental benefits, we save resources for other uses, and reuse materials that go to landfills for manufacturing New product.

【Ocean Bound Plastic】Ocean plastic is a term used to discuss problematic plastics that may end up in the ocean, greatly impacting the marine environment and biological life. Most waste is not openly shipped to the ocean, but poor management of coastal areas may result in a certain amount of spillage into these environments. We can take ocean plastic and turn it into beautiful packaging using post-consumer resin. Not only does this process use plastic waste, it also helps limit the amount of virgin plastic produced.

【Paper Plastic, Recycling & Innovation】

By using Kraft Paper and Plastic Sheet material, our tubes will be 30% reduce of plastic, and recycling. Product structure is PEI00/PE25/PAPI20(Brown)PE25/PE130.The sheets should conform to the hygienestandards of food packaging materials. Both sides of the sheet should be smooth, free of bubble and crease.
The quality of sheets should not be affected during packing and storing.

Reyoung researches and develops new molds and new packaging products with new functions, by using new material and design, and inventing new printing and decoration technologies; lnnovation and creation of new packagings offer new values to our customers and new experience feelings to the consumers.

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REYOUNG is a professional manufacturer of plastic tubes and bottles for a variety of applications including cosmetic, personal-care, beauty, daily-use, hand sanitizer, foods, pharmaceutical and industries. We have developed the sustainable and green packaging of tubes and bottles by using PCR/PLA/Sugarcane/Corn Starch materials which are eco-friendly, biodegradable, innovation and differentiation for your packaging.

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