Why Use Aluminum Hose As Ointment Tube Packaging? What Are The Benefits?

At present, the ointment tubes on the market mainly use three types of packaging materials: plastic tube, aluminum-plastic composite packaging tubes, and aluminum tubes. The plastic ointment packaging tube is not as easy to be deformed and wrinkled by bumping as aluminum, and will “rebound” to restore the original shape after being squeezed. texture.

Although the plastic packaging tube will not collapse after being squeezed, it means that pollutants in the air may flow into the packaging, causing oxidation or deterioration of the medicine over time. Plastic packaging has a large permeability coefficient to oxygen and carbon monoxide, and most medicines are easily oxidized, decomposed, deteriorated, and sensitive to light. Finally, compared with metal packaging materials, plastic packaging is more sensitive to temperature differences, which is prone to aging and deterioration of packaging materials. At present, drug regulatory agencies in various countries are very cautious about the selection of plastic packaging materials.

The aluminum-plastic composite tube has the advantages of both aluminum and plastic. Its appearance can have a metallic texture, but it has the characteristics of a plastic packaging tube that does not wrinkle. Because it can maintain its appearance, it is widely used in the packaging of cosmetics and cosmeceuticals. However, as far as pharmaceutical packaging is concerned, the aluminum-plastic composite tube cannot completely avoid the rebound of the tube body after being squeezed, so there is still the possibility of pollutants entering the package.

Medicinal ointment products are filled in ointment tubes, and the entire production and filling process must be completed in a clean environment, which has very high requirements for hygiene and safety. The “rebound” phenomenon of plastic tubes and aluminum-plastic composite tubes after extrusion and use causes outside air to enter the tubes and directly contact the medicines, which will increase the risk of contamination of the medicines after opening.

In contrast, the aluminum tube is made of 99.7% pure aluminum, which is malleable and will not rebound after being squeezed, which can prevent air from penetrating into the inside of the ointment tube after opening and causing pollution. A dense oxide protective film will be formed on the surface of aluminum and its alloys, which can effectively isolate moisture, oxygen, etc. from the outside, resulting in barrier properties. The aluminum tube has been processed, and the inner wall of the tube body is sprayed with a layer of resin, which can isolate the direct contact between the medicine and the packaging material, and improve the hygiene and safety of the medicine. The end of the tube is sprayed with tail glue, which is helpful for sealing the end of the medicine after filling to improve air tightness and effectively guarantee the quality of the product.

In general, plastic medical tubes and aluminum-plastic ointment tubes have the advantage of beautiful appearance, but they must be used with caution to avoid using them in ointment and ointment products with poor chemical stability, which will affect the efficacy and shelf life of drugs.

In recent years, the production process of pharmaceutical aluminum tubes has been continuously improved. Aluminum tubes with plastic cleaning heads and eye ointment tubes with sharp mouths have been developed, which can avoid aluminum hair loss caused by repeated friction of the pipe thread. Black phenomenon, and further improve the cleanliness of medicines and the safety of medication.

With the continuous marketization and internationalization of the pharmaceutical industry, the improvement of drug quality and the optimization of drug packaging materials have become the consensus of the entire industry and the expectation of consumers. Pharmaceutical aluminum tubes are always close to the needs of consumers, and will continue to have a broad market space in the pharmaceutical tube packaging industry in the future.

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Post time:Nov-22-2022