Wholesale 20ml flat squeeze plastic tube with hot stamping process for acne gel cosmetic packaging

Characteristics of cosmetic tube: At present, the plastic tube commonly used in cosmetic tube mainly includes aluminum-plastic composite tube, all-plastic composite tube and plastic co-extruded tube, which are able to meet a variety of cosmetic packaging needs, such as hygienic, barrier, anti-permeability and other properties. In order to understand that the products can reach the customers safely and without leakage in circulation, we have carried out strict anti-permeability tests on the packaging of the tubes.

Cosmetic tube is hygienic and convenient to use, the surface color is bright and shiny, beautiful, economical and convenient, easy to carry, even if the high strength of the circumference of the body extrusion, can still restore the original shape, to maintain a good appearance, so it is widely used in the packaging of cream cosmetics, such as cosmetic industry, facial cleanser, hair conditioner, hair coloring agent, toothpaste and other products of the packaging. Cosmetic tubes can be made into colored tubes, transparent tubes, colored or transparent frosted, pearlescent tubes, and there are matte and glossy, matte looks elegant but easy to dirty. Tube body color can be directly produced plastic products with color, there are also large area printing color, colored tube and tube body large area printing difference, can be judged from the end of the incision, the incision is white for the large area printing tube, with high ink requirements, otherwise easy to fall off and folded after cracking and showing white marks.