What is “post –consumer recycled “

Once a material or finished product has served its intended use and has been diverted or recovered from waste destined fordisposal, it is then considered “post-consumer.” Having

completed its life as a consumer item, it can then be recycled assuch. This differs from “pre-consumer” or “post-industrial” waste. which is generated by industrial or manufacturing waste.  Our PCR plastic tube is the best choice for cosmetics packing

Just about all industrial processes generate waste; the paper andprinting industries, for example, recycle ends of paper rolls, misprints, scraps from trimming, etc. This pre-consumer waste isproduced in large quantities in a relatively small number oflocations; this is the polar opposite of post-consumer waste,which generally comes from our homes. As such, post-consumerwaste is more difficult to separate and collect, but veryimportant as it keeps tons of material from going to the landfill. The PCR plastic bottle is brightly featuring “ post consumer recyled”.

Post time: May-27-2021