What Are The Types Of Plastic Soft Tubes Commonly Used In Cosmetic Packaging?

At present, plastic soft tubes commonly used in cosmetic packaging mainly include aluminum-plastic composite soft tubes, all-plastic composite soft tubes and plastic co-extrusion soft tubes, which can meet various needs of cosmetic packaging, such as hygiene and barrier properties.

1. Aluminum-plastic composite soft tube

Aluminum-plastic composite soft tube is a kind of packaging container made of aluminum foil and plastic film through co-extrusion composite process, and then processed into a tube shape by a special tube making machine. Its typical structure is PE/PE+EAA/AL/PE +EAA/PE. The aluminum-plastic composite soft tube is mainly used for packaging cosmetics with high requirements on hygiene and barrier properties. The barrier layer is generally aluminum foil, and its barrier properties depend on the pinhole degree of the aluminum foil. With the continuous improvement of technology, the thickness of the aluminum foil barrier layer in the aluminum-plastic composite soft tube has been reduced from the traditional 40μm to 12μm, or even 9μm, which greatly saves resources.

2. All-plastic composite soft tube

All-plastic composite soft tubes are all plastic components, which are divided into two types: all-plastic non-barrier composite soft tubes and all-plastic barrier composite soft tubes. All-plastic non-barrier composite soft tube is generally used for the packaging of low-grade fast-consuming cosmetics; all-plastic barrier composite soft tube is usually used for medium and low-grade cosmetic packaging due to the side seam in the tube making, and the barrier layer can be EVOH, PVDC, oxide coating. Multilayer composite materials such as PET. The typical structure of the all-plastic barrier composite soft tube is PE/PE/EVOH/PE/PE.

3. Plastic co-extrusion soft tube

Plastic co-extrusion soft tubes use co-extrusion technology to co-extrude raw materials of different properties and types, and form them at one time. Plastic co-extrusion soft tubes are divided into single-layer extrusion soft tubes and multi-layer co-extrusion soft tubes. The former is mainly used for fast-consuming cosmetics (such as hand creams, etc.) that have high requirements on appearance and low actual performance requirements. Packaging, the latter is mainly used for high-end cosmetic packaging.

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Post time:Nov-09-2022