What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Plastic Soft Tubes Commonly Used In Cosmetic Packaging?

The advantages and disadvantages of plastic soft tube are as follows:

1. Aluminum-plastic composite soft tube has the following advantages during use:

(1) High barrier properties, aluminum foil has barrier properties such as light barrier properties, oxygen barrier properties and water barrier properties. On the one hand, it can prevent external substances from intruding into the interior of cosmetics, preventing oxidative deterioration of cosmetics, and at the same time, it can prevent moisture or essence in cosmetics, etc. The ingredients are diffused to the outside through the soft tube, thus ensuring the quality of the cosmetic.

(2) Low cost. To achieve the same barrier performance, aluminum-plastic composite soft tubes use less material, lower cost and better economy than all-plastic composite soft tubes and plastic co-extrusion soft tubes.

Disadvantages of aluminum-plastic composite soft tubes: Aluminum-plastic composite soft tubes have many disadvantages due to the use of aluminum foil, such as invisible contents, poor environmental protection, poor resilience, lower composite strength than all-plastic composite soft tubes, and easy delamination.

2. The advantages of all-plastic composite soft tube:

(1) Environmental protection. Compared with the aluminum-plastic composite soft tube, the all-plastic composite soft tube adopts an economical and easy-to-recycle all-plastic sheet, which can reduce the pollution of packaging waste to the environment. The recycled all-plastic composite soft tube can be produced after reprocessing. Relatively low-end product.

(2) Diversified colors. According to the characteristics of cosmetics and different consumer needs, the all-plastic composite soft tube can be made into different colors, such as colorless transparent, colored transparent, colored opaque, etc., bringing consumers a strong visual enjoyment. In particular, the transparent all-plastic composite soft tube can clearly see the color state of the contents, giving people a strong visual impact and greatly promoting consumers’ desire to buy.

(3) Good resilience: Compared with the aluminum-plastic composite soft tube, the all-plastic composite soft tube has better resilience, which ensures that after the cosmetic is squeezed, the soft tube can quickly return to its original shape, and always maintains a beautiful, The appearance of the rules. This is crucial for cosmetic packaging.

Disadvantages of the all-plastic composite soft tube: The barrier property of the all-plastic composite soft tube mainly depends on the type and thickness of the barrier layer material. Taking EVOH as the barrier layer material for the all-plastic composite soft tube as an example, to achieve the same barrier property and The stiffness is about 20% to 30% higher than that of the aluminum-plastic composite soft tube. For a long time to come, this will become the main factor restricting the full replacement of aluminum-plastic composite soft tubes by all-plastic composite soft tubes.

3. The main advantages of plastic co-extruded soft tubes:

(1) Because there is no side seal, the appearance is better than that of composite soft tubes, which is necessary for high-end cosmetic soft tube packaging.

(2) According to the different extrusion die, various shapes of extrusion soft tubes can be produced, such as oval, square, etc., to meet the needs of different consumers.

Disadvantages of plastic co-extrusion soft tubes: The production and processing technology of plastic co-extruded soft tubes is generally made first and then printed. For the printing process, the efficiency is low, the process is complex, and the difficulty is high.

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Post time:Nov-16-2022