What Are Some Reference Points For Cosmetic Tubes That Pass The Quality Standard?

As a form of packaging, cosmetic tubes are widely used in skin care products, makeup and other fields. However, due to the special nature of cosmetics, the container requires good sealing and stability to ensure product quality. Therefore, it is very important to choose the appropriate tube material and production process. There are many types of cosmetic tubes on the market, so how do we judge whether the quality of cosmetic tubes passes the standard? Here are some references.
1. Material: The material of the tube will directly affect its quality. Better materials include PE, PVC, PET, ABL, PBL, etc. The selection of materials should be matched according to different product properties. For example, high-end skin care products such as essences and lotions are suitable for PE tubes, while products containing oily ingredients need to choose PBL tubes.
2. Printing: Cosmetic tubes are also an important promotional tool. Good printing can attract consumers' attention. However, if the printing is unqualified, the product information cannot be displayed, the weighing is inaccurate, and it is prone to fading and peeling. This is also one of the signs of whether the quality of the tube is acceptable.
3. Inner lining: Adulterations on the inside of cosmetic tubes will directly affect the quality of the product. The inner material should be harmless and should comply with FDA or EU standards to prevent the impact of the external environment on the product.

4. Caliber: The size of the caliber is also an important indicator for judging the quality of the tube. If the diameter is too small, the flow of the product will be hindered, which is not conducive to consumer use; conversely, if the diameter is too large, the product will overflow and be wasted, which is obviously unacceptable for the quality of the tube product.
5. Thickness: The thickness of cosmetic tube is also an important factor in ensuring product quality. Better thickness can bring better protection to the product and improve stability and reliability. But if the thickness is too much, it will affect the service life and cost, so the thickness of the tube should be reasonably matched according to the nature and purpose of the product.
6. Antioxidant capacity: Oxidation will cause product deterioration, and the quality of antioxidant capacity determines the shelf life of the product. The industry believes that excellent cosmetic tubes should have good antioxidant capabilities in order to maintain the freshness and quality of the product.
7. Safety: Although cosmetic tubes are used for packaging, they are also in direct contact with our skin. Safety is a crucial indicator. In addition, tube products must comply with environmental standards and should use less or no materials containing harmful substances.

In short, through the judgment of the above aspects, we can preliminarily judge whether the quality of the cosmetic tube passes the standard. In order to choose products with high cost performance, high-quality tube manufacturers should also follow the basic principles of optimizing materials, strengthening technology, and improving quality to better provide consumers with satisfactory products and services.
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