The Functions And Functions Of Cosmetic Tubes Are Becoming More And More Refined

The functions and functions of cosmetics are becoming more and more refined, and there are more and more cosmetics with comprehensive functions. The grade differences are very obvious, and the packaging forms are dazzling. At the same time, in order to better promote their products, various merchants have carried out cosmetic modifications to better promote their products. Different classifications and packaging suitable for their own characteristics. Cosmetics have many names and different functions, but in terms of their external form and packaging adaptability, they mainly fall into the following categories:
Solid cosmetics, solid granular (powder) cosmetics, liquid and emulsion cosmetics, paste cosmetics, etc.
  1. Packaging of solid cosmetics. There are relatively few types of solid cosmetics, mainly eyebrow pencils, powders, various lipsticks, etc. The packaging of this type of cosmetics is relatively simple.
  2. Packaging of solid granular (powder) cosmetics. This type of cosmetics mainly includes granular (powder) products such as foundation and talcum powder. The commonly used packaging methods include cartons, composite cartons (mostly cylindrical boxes), glass bottles (wide mouth, small), metal Boxes, plastic boxes, plastic bottles (wide mouth, small), composite film bags, etc. Generally, packaging containers need to be beautifully decorated and printed. At the same time, when plastic and metal containers are used for packaging, they are often matched with beautifully printed cartons.

  3. Packaging of liquid, emulsion cosmetics and paste cosmetics. Among all cosmetics, this type of cosmetics has the largest variety and quantity, and there are many packaging forms. The main ones include: plastic bottles of various shapes and specifications (usually exquisitely decorated and printed); plastic bags and composite film bags (commonly used for cosmetics). economical bags or packaging for lower-end cosmetics); glass bottles of various shapes and specifications (including wide-mouth bottles and narrow-mouth bottles, generally used for higher-end cosmetics or cosmetics that are volatile, easy to penetrate, and contain organic solvents Packaging, such as nail polish, hair dye, perfume, toner, etc.). For the above-mentioned packaging form, it is sometimes used in conjunction with color-printed cartons to form the sales package of cosmetics together with the color-printed cartons to improve the grade of cosmetics.
  4. Cosmetic spray packaging. Spray packaging has the advantages of accuracy, effectiveness, simplicity, hygiene, and on-demand quantitative access. It is often used in the packaging of higher-end cosmetics and cosmetics that require directional and quantitative access. Cosmetics such as hair mousse and hair spray use this packaging form. Commonly used spray packaging containers mainly include metal spray cans, glass spray cans and plastic spray cans.
  Cosmetic tube Based on the above situation, combined with the development trend of cosmetics and their packaging, modern cosmetics packaging mainly has the following characteristics in terms of the selection of packaging materials and containers, the structural design of packaging containers, and the decoration design of packaging containers:
  1. The application scope of plastic materials and composite materials in cosmetic tubes is increasing, and the shape design of packaging containers, especially plastic bottles, tends to be diversified.
  2. The use of glass bottles is restricted. Due to the inherent shortcomings of glass bottles (such as heavy specific gravity, fragile, etc.), for general cosmetics, if plastic materials or composite materials can be used instead of glass containers for packaging, plastic containers or composite containers are often used for packaging, while for high-end cosmetics Or cosmetics that are easy to evaporate and lose their fragrance, such as perfumes, are generally packaged in glass bottles.
  3. Diversification of packaging container specifications to meet different consumption levels. Due to the intensified competition in the cosmetic tube market, manufacturers are investing more and more in cosmetic tubes. For mid- to low-end cosmetics, in order to meet different needs, the capacity of packaging containers is diversified to facilitate consumers' choices; for high-end products, small volumes are used for packaging to meet the needs of low-income people, especially young girls. Consumer psychology caused by curiosity.

  4. Serialization of cosmetic tube design. The so-called serialized packaging design refers to the packaging design of the same category of goods based on the unified trademark pattern and text font, with different tones, water patterns or different shapes and structures as the keynote. It is required that there should be differences among the same and similarities among the differences. , both diverse and holistic. In the practical application of cosmetic tubes, there are generally two situations. One is: cosmetics of the same brand and different functions are packaged in complete sets to facilitate consumers' purchase, while making the overall price lower than the total price of individual purchases. . For example, for a series of cosmetics of a certain brand, maintain the overall design style, and then use larger containers to package various cosmetics and sell them as a sales unit; the second is: the same brand, the same main function, but different A series of cosmetics with auxiliary functions, or a series of cosmetics of the same brand with the same function but different formulas.
  5. Cosmetic tubes are increasingly meeting the needs of personalized development. The packaging of cosmetics must correctly convey the characteristics of cosmetics required by consumer needs of different personalities and express the aesthetic tastes of different groups of people in order to successfully achieve sales of cosmetics.
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