Knowledge In Cosmetic Packaging

Nowadays, cosmetic packaging is receiving more and more attention. With the rise of the beauty economy, cosmetics brands are paying more and more attention to appearance packaging. Even many brands go all out to make gimmicks in appearance and packaging every time they launch a new product. But what are the consequences of this phenomenon? Maybe after switching to more exquisite and flashy packaging, because too much cost was spent on packaging, the expenditure on quality was reduced, causing problems with the quality of cosmetics.
A common problem in today's cosmetics market is that packaging is greater than quality.
A good cosmetics packaging does not simply pursue the beauty and uniqueness of the appearance, but starts from the characteristics of the product and the needs of consumers to create a form that is more suitable for the brand and market characteristics. The knowledge of cosmetic packaging is indispensable. Today, the editor will take you to understand what knowledge there is in cosmetic packaging?

1. Value combined with demand
In many cosmetics brands, when designing product packaging, they often sacrifice practicality to enhance value. For example, in order to make the packaging look more attractive, some products adopt an open bottle design with an oversized bottle mouth, which can be compared with mineral water bottles, causing inconvenience to consumers. Once the pouring angle is too large, a lot of packaged items will be poured out, which is very wasteful.
There are still some liquid foundations on the market that are not even designed with a pump in order to pursue external beauty! When consumers use it, it is difficult to control the amount they pour out, which causes waste and leaves customers with the impression of being very inconvenient, thus reducing the customer's repurchase rate. Therefore, the packaging design of cosmetics also needs to be consistent with Convenience combined.

2. The development trend of cosmetic packaging is environmentally friendly design
Not long ago, the editor reported that some products failed due to too large a packaging gap. A long-standing problem in the cosmetics industry is excessive packaging. In order to have gorgeous packaging, many brands usually use oversized packaging when designing gift boxes, which will aggravate environmental pollution.
I believe that many women have a deep understanding that they are reluctant to throw away many cosmetic bottles and jars that they use up every day, but they cannot fit on their dressing table. In this case, recyclable cosmetic packaging is necessary. Not only can it reduce environmental pollution, but it can also reduce waste and realize waste utilization.
There is no doubt that more and more consumers and brands are focusing their products on environmental protection, green and sustainable development. "Sustainable production, environmental awareness and ethical restraint" will become important trends in the development of the beauty industry.
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