How To Purchase Plastic Cosmetic Soft Tube?

Cosmetic packaging styles, materials are diverse, the number of manufacturers using plastic cosmetic soft tube has been far more than the choice of glass bottles and other materials, because plastic cosmetic hose raw materials environmental protection and variety, each kind has its own characteristics and advantages, to meet the different needs of many manufacturers, so for manufacturers how to correctly purchase plastic cosmetic soft Anyway, here’s what I’m going to tell you.

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1, cosmetic hose no matter what kind of raw materials, plastic cosmetic hose should first meet the requirements of non-toxic and tasteless, due to the wide variety of main raw materials available, so it is necessary to choose the comprehensive performance of raw materials, cosmetics generally use high density polyethylene and polypropylene, if you need transparency, you can use PET as a cosmetic hose, if you need higher barrier performance Brown PET is used as a cosmetic hose, and the main raw material of liquid cosmetics is generally polypropylene or polyester as a cosmetic hose, the current market mainly uses pet or HPDE as a cosmetic packaging hose, cosmetic hose cover using PP material.

2. Sealing performance and air permeability of cosmetic hose cover are two important technical indicators of plastic cosmetic hose, which have an important impact on the stability of packaging products.

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3, plastic cosmetic hose quality standards, product quality can be analyzed and judged from the manufacturer’s product quality standards.

4. Cosmetics hoses are not allowed to use recycled materials to package medicines, nutrition and health products and food and beverages. “Measures for the Hygiene Management of Plastic Products and Raw Materials for Food” of the People’s Republic of China clearly stipulates that “recycled plastics are not allowed to process plastic tableware, plastic containers and food packaging materials.

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5, quality assurance system, supplier audit has become an important link in the procurement of plastic cosmetic hose, through the audit, can be a comprehensive and correct evaluation of the enterprise hardware and software facilities, technical equipment and quality of the comprehensive level.

The above is how to correctly purchase cosmetics soft tube, if you want to know more about cosmetics soft tube products and related knowledge, welcome to click on our company’s website :

Post time:Apr-03-2023