How To Distinguish The Quality Of Cosmetics Hose Raw Material ?

There are many kinds of packaging materials of cosmetics, such as folding glue, polypropylene, soft glue, high pressure and low density polyethylene, bulletproof glue, polycarbonate, hard glue (general hard glue), polystyrene, Tongming easy to crack and so on, here to tell you about how to distinguish the quality of cosmetics hose raw materials?

1, 100 fold glue, polypropylene
Light and tough, easy to process, good heat resistance. High impact strength at room temperature, large tensile strength, good rigidity, corrosion, difficult to paint, folding resistance up to millions of times, excellent electrical function, large shrinkage rate. PA is soft and bendable, with hard waxy and smooth touch and soft keratin sound when struck, while PS, ABS, PC and PMMA. No malleability, loud percussion sound. The burning phenomenon of PP was roughly the same as that of PE, with a small amount of black annihilation. After the flame subsided, the smell of oil was somewhere between kerosene and so on, with no toxicity.

cosmetic hose packaging
2, soft glue, high pressure low density polyethylene
Hard soft adhesive, low pressure high density polyethylene super hard soft adhesive, Ultra-high pressure polyethylene is light and tough, easy to process, good heat resistance, good toughness at low temperature, hard and watertight, but good grinding property,PE is flammable, and can still be burned after leaving the fire, when burning the flame yellow and blue, black buried little, near the flame, plastic flame melting and dripping phenomenon, similar to the flow of a candle, after the flame subsided, there is a more obvious white wax burning smell, non-toxic PE. The proportion of pp is less than water, floating in water. Most other plastics are larger than water and sink in water.
3, bulletproof glue, polycarbonate
Colorless and bright, impact strength for the first plastic, excellent electrical function, anti-aging, small shrinkage rate, product size stability,PC incineration phenomenon close to PS but incineration speed is slow, from the fire will slow out, the flame is yellow, with black buried carbon bunches, incineration melting foam, after quenching fruit odor.

plastic soft tube
4. Plexiglass (sub-afterburner)
Polymethyl methacrylate is very bright, can be dyed into a variety of colors, brittle and easy to crack, appearance of poor hardness, easy to wipe flowers. Good leakage resistance. PMMA and PS primary color are bright, but the incineration situation is different, PMMA no carbon beam fly escape, and PS has, PMMA incineration flame was light blue, white top, incineration molten foam, announced strong fruit odor and rotten vegetable odor, there is emblem poison.
5, hard glue (general hard glue), polystyrene, easy to crack
Unbreakable glue, modified polystyrene, elastic. ABS adhesive with high toughness and impact strength. Super unbreakable rubber, acrylic – butadiene – styrene, easy plating. High strength. Resistance to impact, cold, abrasion and corrosion. SAN (AS) Tongming unbreakable glue, styrene-acrylic copolymer EPS foam glue, foamed polystyrene PS primary color is Tongming HIPS primary color is ivory ARS primary color

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