How To Design Lip Gloss Packaging?

Lip gloss is a kind of lipstick, but the color of lip gloss is generally relatively light, which belongs to gel type. It looks very crystal clear, lip gloss is more suitable for some daily light makeup, transparent medium or nude makeup. So how to design the packaging of lip gloss?

Lip gloss soft plastic tube
Lip gloss tube is a kind of lip gloss packaging. When designing a lip gloss tube, the following aspects should be considered. First of all, the user’s experience is the most important, and the user should be considered first when designing. Whether it is the design of the surface of the lip gloss tube or the design of the function, users must be considered. For example, when designing, you can choose transparent packaging, so that users can easily know how much lip gloss is left. In addition, the production date and shelf life can also be added to the printing of the package. Convenient for users to use and organize. When designing, it is necessary to consider how the size of the lip gloss tube should be designed, increase or decrease the size of the tube according to the specific situation, or increase or decrease the length of the tube according to specific needs.

lip gloss plastic tube
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Post time:Apr-17-2023