Cosmetic Packaging Commonly Used Plastic Soft Tube Varieties And Characteristics

The function and role of cosmetics are more and more refined, and there are more and more cosmetics with comprehensive function. The level difference is very obvious, and the form of packaging is dazzling. Therefore, in order to better promote their own products, the merchants have carried out their own different classification and packaging, suitable for their own characteristics. Now the plastic soft tube commonly used in cosmetic packaging is mainly composed of aluminum-plastic composite hose, pull-plastic composite hose and plastic co-extruded hose, which can satisfy the various needs of hygiene, resistance and other cosmetic packaging.


1, aluminum-plastic composite hose Aluminum-plastic composite hose is aluminum foil, plastic film, through the pneumatic composite process to make plates, and then through the special pipe machine processing into tubular packaging container, typical structure is PE/PEEAA/AL/PE EAA/PE. Aluminum plastic composite hose is mainly used for packaging cosmetics with high hygiene and barrier. Its barrier layer is generally aluminum foil, and its barrier depends on the pinhole degree of aluminum foil. As the skills continued to improve, the thickness of aluminum foil shielding layer of aluminum plastic composite hose was reduced from the original 40m to 12m, or even 9m, thus greatly saving resources.

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Alumina-plastic composite hose in the process of use has the following advantages :( 1) high barrier, aluminum foil has barrier, resistance, water resistance and other blocking functions, to avoid external substances into the cosmetics, avoid cosmetics oxidation and transformation, avoid cosmetics moisture or essence and other ingredients through the hose to spread to the outside, so as to ensure the quality of cosmetics. (2) Low cost. In order to accomplish the same clogging function, aluminum-plastic composite hoses provide less material, lower cost, and less economy than all-plastic composite hoses and plastic co-extrusion hoses.

2, all plastic composite soft tube all plain composite hose are plastic components, divided into all plain unimpeded composite hose and all plain resistance composite hose. An all-vegan non-clogging composite hose is commonly used for low cost and quick cosmetic packaging. The all-protein blocking composite hose has a marginal slit on the removal tube, which is usually used for the packaging of medium and low grade cosmetics. The blocking layer can be multi-layer composite materials including EVOH, PVDC, oxide coated PET, etc. The typical construction of plastic block composite hoses is PE/PE/EVOH/PE/PE.

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The advantages of plastic composite hose include :( 1) environmental protection. Compared with the aluminum-plastic composite hose, the whole vegetable composite hose uses the economical and easy to recover the whole vegetable plate, reduces the pollution of packaging waste to the environment, and can produce lower products after reprocessing the recovered whole vegetable composite hose. High end cosmetic hose (2) comes in a variety of colors. According to the characteristics of cosmetics and consumer demand, the plastic composite hose is made of colorless, colorful, colorless and other colors, which can bring intense visual enjoyment to customers. In particular, the all-plastic composite hose of Tongming can clearly see the color state of the contents, giving people a fierce visual impact, greatly promoting the purchase desire of customers. (3) Good resilience: compared with the aluminum-plastic composite hose, the whole cow composite hose has good resilience. After extrusion of cosmetics, the hose can quickly return to the original form and always adhere to the beautiful and regular shape. This is important for cosmetic packaging. 

Plastic co-extrusion hose using pneumatic skills, will be different functions, varieties of materials together, one-time molding. The total plastic extrusion hose is divided into single-layer extrusion hose and multi-layer co-extrusion hose. It is mainly used for packaging the fast consumption cosmetics (such as hand cream, etc.) which require high appearance and low practical use function.

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The main advantages of plastic co-extruded hoses include :( 1) no variation and better appearance than composite hoses. Premium cosmetic hose packaging required. (2) According to the extrusion mold, can produce various shapes of extrusion hose (such as shed circle, square, etc.), in order to meet the needs of different customers high-end cosmetics hose.

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Post time:Nov-22-2022