Comparison Of The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Aluminum Tubes And Plastic Tubes!

1. What is an aluminum tube?
Aluminum tube, also known as packaging aluminum tube, aluminum tube, metal tube, is a common packaging material, which can be used to fill paste products such as glue, toothpaste, hair dye, medicine,pigment, cosmetics, shoe polish, etc. The aluminum material will not rust, has good ductility and airtightness, and provides good protection for the contents.

high-quality aluminum tube for water color oil paint packaging
2. What is a plastic tube?
Plastic tube is also a kind of packaging material, which is commonly used in the cosmetics and ointment and ointment industries, such as the packaging of cosmetics such as cleansing products, skin care products and beauty salon products (shampoo, conditioner). It is characterized by light weight, easy to carry, and easy to squeeze!

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3. Advantages of aluminum tube
(1) The aluminum material does not rust, its oxide is non-toxic, has good light-shielding properties, and has excellent moisture and gas barrier properties.
(2) Good processing performance, no resilience, high thermal conductivity, good ductility and sealing, and sufficient protection for the contents.
(3) The manufacturing process of aluminum tube is simple and not easy to break.
(4) It has the functions of convenient use, storage, transportation, environmental protection, durability, beauty, and easy identification.
(5) The aluminum tube with internal spraying is not easy to react with the contents, and does not change the performance of the packaged items.
4. the advantages of plastic tube
(1) Plastic is a synthetic high molecular polymer with the characteristics of light weight, impact resistance and unbreakable.
(2) The plastic tube is relatively soft, has excellent extrusion resistance, and is easy to squeeze out.
(3) The materials used for plastic tubes are relatively cheap, so the cost of the enterprise is low and the economy is better. However, plastic ointment tubes also have some obvious disadvantages, such as high air permeability and moisture permeability, poor heat resistance and stability, high thermal expansion rate, easy to burn, poor dimensional stability, and easy deformation. In addition, low temperature resistance is relatively poor. , easy to become brittle and aging at low temperature.

cosmetic aluminum tube with offset printing
5. Comparison of aluminum tube and plastic tube
(1) Compared with plastic tubes, aluminum tubes have the outstanding feature of being relatively stable.
The aluminum tube has no back-suction phenomenon, which can avoid the back-suction air causing the content to deteriorate in contact with the air, thereby affecting the quality of the packaged items. The barrier properties and shading properties of aluminum tubes are also significantly better than plastic tubes, and compared with plastic tubes, aluminum tubes with internal spraying have less impact on the stability and effectiveness of the contents.
(2) Another great advantage of aluminum tube is that it is easy to be recycled.
In order to survive, human society must change the traditional production methods that consume a lot of natural resources and damage the environment. From the perspective of environmental protection, aluminum tubes can be recycled and have less pollution to the environment, while plastic tubes use It is not easy to recycle, and it is easy to pollute the environment. This is also a key point that is worthy of consideration when selecting pharmaceutical packaging materials.

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Post time: Jan-03-2023