Application of plastic hose in cosmetic packaging industry

Plastic hoses commonly used in cosmetic packaging and their characteristics look at printing and packaging. At present, the commonly used plastic hoses in cosmetic packaging mainly include aluminum-plastic composite hoses, all-plastic composite metal hoses and plastic co-extruded hoses, which can meet cosmetic packaging Multiple needs

Aluminum-plastic composite hoseAluminum-plastic composite hose is a kind of packaging container made of aluminum foil and plastic film through a co-extrusion composite process, and then processed into a tubular packaging container by a special pipe making machine. Its typical structure is PE/PE+ EAA/AL/PE+EAA/PE. Aluminum-plastic composite hoses are mainly used for packaging cosmetics that require high hygiene and barrier properties. The barrier layer is generally aluminum foil, and its barrier properties depend on the pinhole of the aluminum foil.

Post time:Dec-07-2020